About Us

Equality Designs is a small-multimedia design business based in Seattle, Washington.  Equality Designs was created in 1996 while Matt McDonald was a freshmen in high school. He  started coding websites for his parents friends and would develop photos in the high school dark room for use on the websites. Equality Designs has years of experience in a wide array of industries and roles, which enables our projects to to standout from the rest.

Matt McDonald is a web developer/new media entrepreneur  with years of experience building websites, capturing photos/video and managing projects. He also spent several years as a photojournalist in the newspaper and action sports industries. A balanced life of code and imagery is what keeps him going.

Charlie is lazy and says he cannot update his Instagram account due to lack of opposable thumbs. Charlie is the go to dog for social media campaigns and he did recently land a job for Petco you can watch HERE.

Looking for photography or video?


Our media creation business is called EqualMotion. You may have seen some of our action sports, wedding or Space Needle photos before. Feel free to browse out site to see what types of images we can create for your next big project.