SG3 Strategies


The Seattle Waterfront is completely getting revitalized. SG3 Strategies have a huge hand in that large project along with some other major infrastructure changes for the city of Seattle. We cannot go into to much detail here, but we can show you some of the photos we captured for the company.

What did we do here:
✓Captured portraits of the clients
✓Took photos of the unique imagery of Seattle for their website
✓Created images that were centered around water to be used in marketing material
✓Captured photos of the two SG3 work sites currently in process
✓Created general stock photos for web use

water-front-04 water-front-03 water-front-01 train-05 train-03 tablet-02 sketches-11 sketches-10 sketches-09 sketches-05 sketches-03 seattle-lights-06 500px Photo ID: 153514225 - Seattle city lights on full display. seattle-lights-01 portrait-03 mug-03 lego-01 abstract-photo-06 abstract-photo-05 abstract-photo-03 abstract-photo-02