DB Longboards


I spent two years working with DB Longboards to completely overhaul their online and brand presence. We built a new Drupal website with the help of Gravit Digital. This site featured a skateboard customizer, over 20 product videos, product photography and a series of online promotions to boost sales. Through daily social media posts, blog posts, email campaigns and free gifts we were able to boost direct sales by 200% in the first year.


What did we do here:
✓Created a new website with Gravit Digital
✓Scripted and captured over 20 promotional videos
✓Created content to full-fill a schedule of weekly social media posts
✓Captured product photos for product pages and skateboard customizer
✓Created templates for email campaigns
✓Created an incentive plan for direct customers with geo-targeted free shipping and free gifts
✓Gathered and created content for weekly blog posts
✓Worked with the skate media to promote the business and team riders


Boosting sales and changing the brand identity was not an easy task. Part way through this job we also took over the skate team management. This enabled us to go on trips and develop relationships with the team riders. This also enabled us to understand the customers and create better marketing campaigns.

Here are some notes, videos and images of the larger parts of this project.

Gifting Modules

People love free stuff! We created a module that enabled the users to easily create free gifts for orders at a certain value. This made for better social media and add campaigns. Combining free gifts with carefully targeted Facebook/Instagram and Adword campaigns lead to more conversions.

Video Campaigns

In the world of skateboarding brand identity is driven through media. We created a lot of different videos to help intrigue new customers and keep the existing ones on board. Many of the videos were featured in magazines and around the web sending new users to the website and boosting organic traffic.

Blog Posts

A daily or even weekly blog post goes a long ways. It keep users coming back for more and does wonders for SEO. Before we took over this website it was on page 108 for key longboarding search terms. After the project ended DB Longboards was sitting between page one and two for nearly all terms.

Product Photography

Every photo on the website was captured by us along with the customizer skateboards, trucks, wheels and grip tape.

product-02 poduct-01

Photo campaigns

For a lifestyle company imagery is huge. We spent a lot of time researching photos and capturing photos that had a chance of going viral in the industry. It really worked for this brand! Large distributors like Zumiez were reposting photos and it helped drive Instagram followers from 5,000 to nearly 15,000 in a little over a year.

storm-chasers Richard Docter cruise through Seattle on his DB Longboard at night. Here's Richard riding along Dr Jose P Rizal Bridge in Beacon Hill taking in the view of Interstate-5 running through Seattle. ridge-spencer paradigm-devon-01 devon-dotson-lunchtray-07 db-02 db-01

Overall this project was long and had a lot of moving parts. The final results of increased sales and participation from the longboard community were all worth it.

The DB staff now has full control of their website and content marketing plans. We do plan on working with them on future video projects though.

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