DB Skimboards

What did we do here:
✓ Built a website with Gravit Digital
✓ Captured all product and lifestyle photography
✓ Created promotional videos for entertainment and Youtube pre-roll ads
✓ Photos were used for products (bottom of skateboards)
✓ Helped build and maintain the DB Skimboards social media presence
✓ Created and ran promotional social media contests
✓ Worked with the skimboarding and local media to help promote the brand

For DB Skimboards I created photos and video, managed there social media, built their websites and handled all of the team and marketing aspects. The DB Skimboards website featured a skimboard customizer that helped drive sales also by giving a fun way for customers to create a unique product. Through these marketing tactics I was able to raise direct sales 20% year over year.


Sales Driven Video Projects
One of the larger projects for DB Skimboards was their videos. One video series I wanted to feature has the Travels and Wanderings Series.

DB Skimboards Travels and Wanderings Series
For this video series I traveled in a van with a crew of 8 skimboarders throughout Washington, through Utah, then California and back to Washington. I created a three part video series narrating each part of the way to give the video a more of a documentary feel. Through publishing and promoting this series as the main marketing focus during peak season direct sales increased for the first time in 5 years.

How To Skimboard Tutorial Video Series
The how to skimboard tutorial series was a completely different media creation beast. We had to write scripts for each video and try and get the skimboarders to talk on camera while using our scripts. After some work and practice the skimboarders got it down! These videos serve as a great resources and traffic drivers to help build the community around the DB Skimboards brand and online precense.

Overall, with daily social media promotions, blog posts, email campaigns, distribution to media and magazines and new the fancy new responsive website helped propel sales at DB Skimboards.

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