We recently have taken over content and project management duties at The site is the source of Seattle entertainment and a great way to find stuff to do in the greater Seattle area.


What did we do here:
✓ Helped revitalize the structure of boosting traffic and sales
✓ Through planning, sales and content creation increased revenue by 60% and social/web traffic by 50%
✓ Managed interns
✓ Manage over $500,000 of paid marketing campaigns per year
✓ Approve and enter weekly events on the website
✓ Manage the Do206 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts
✓ Create promotion and editorial videos
✓ Cover events for Do206
✓ Send out 4-5 weekly emails using MailChimp
✓ Write guided and branded content
✓ Managed all ad buying

Branded Content Guides

Carter Subaru Guide To Summer In Seattle

A weekly updated guide of events, activities and videos. View the guide HERE.

Carter Subaru Dog’s Guide To Seattle

We always say Charlie needs a job and he got one for this branded content guide! We spent time venturing around Seattle with Charlie to document and write about some of the places that got his tail wagging. View the guide HERE.

Lazarus Naturals Guide To Seattle On A Budget

For Lazarus Naturals we created a custom guide full wallet-friendly things to do in Seattle to create brand awarness for the company. View the guide HERE.

Korbel Ultimate Guide To Brunch In Seattle

Building a guide to brunch of Seattle was for Korbel California Champagne was delicious. The brand loved the guide and it is still heavily trafficked and updated when we find a new amazing brunch spot. View the guide HERE.

Branded Video Content Samples

Event Recap Videos