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Time-lapse videos

Do you want a fancy time-lapse for your video? Perhaps just something to post to social media? We have you covered. Not only do we have hours of stock time-lapse video footage, we also really enjoy going out and capturing new ones for specific purpose. Below are just a few of our recent time-lapse videos,… Read more »

CoreFlex Compound Video

This video took some work and DB Longboards wanted to feature the construction along with showing what was possible on the board. I think I was able to pull it off with the help of Devon Dotson. The company owner kept saying “it is a piece of art”, so I think they liked it.

Planet Seattle

I spent a few hours creating a polar panorama of Seattle and did some extra work on it adding in certain elements of the city at a larger size. I posted in on Instagram with a traditional “hey guys look at what I made!” and within a few hours had people requesting prints and to… Read more »

The Bellingham Herald

Matt McDonald worked at The Bellingham Herald for 10 years in a wide variety of roles that helped foster his current skill set. He was a reporter (learned how to write), a web developer and online project manager (learned how to build website and manage projects, IT Manager (learned how to manage $1 million projects… Read more »

Custom Seattle Coasters

Do you need high-end photos for your products? We can do that! A few months ago I was contacted by by Paisley and Parsley Designs to see if I was interested in licensing some of my photos to their Seattle and 12th Man collection. Paisley and Parsley designs focus on Tumbled Marble Tiles available in… Read more »

Star Wars BB-8 Video

We were contacted by Sphero to create several small promo videos for their social media campaign. Being a fan of Star Wars we could not say no to this gig! The toy is truly amazing and it was fun to capture video in the studio and on the streets with it. BB-8 from Sphero is… Read more »

Green Screen Fun

Cloud Ride Wheels reached out to us and wanted to make a goofy tutorial video about their wheels. They also wanted space to be involved. Welp. We made it happen and you can watch Cloud Ride Wheels team rider Nick DiVona as “Stink Bug Stan” go into detail about what makes their wheels the best.

Seattle Seahawks

We had the pleasure of capturing a few Seattle Seahawks football games and creating some artwork out of the photos. Capturing the wild ride to two Super Bowls. We also spent some time reworking our photos into promotional campaigns like our double exposure series that were used for social media promotion. Professional football is a… Read more »

How to Skimboard Tutorial Series

DB Skimboards wanted a video to teach people the basics of skimboarding. We wrote a script and ran it by the local staff and then met with pro skimboarder, Casey Gackle, at Dash Point in Federal Way, Washington to film the video. We also filmed five other videos that are set to be released by… Read more »

New York City: Grand Central Station Time-lapse

“I heard you are going to New York? Any chance you would be able to capture a time-lapse video for us?” That was an email in our inbox before a trip to New York. Since we wanted to shoot in the Grand Central Station anyways it seemed like a good gig. The client only wanted… Read more »