Category: Multimedia

BeatMatch: Seattle Producer Battle

Do206 teamed up with Clif Bar for the BeatMatch Seattle Producer battle. We helped with the marketing, promotions and media creation. We researched some social campaign targeting to reach the correct audience for entries and ticket sales, created an event page and entry system, captured photos and video for a recap also. We are proud… Read more »

Abercrombie & Fitch

Do206 and Abercrombie & Fitch teamed up for a branded content advertising campaign. We did some research, created an online guide, captured photos and video for the campaign. Not only was the guided content received well, but Abercrombie renewed their contract with Do206. We couldn’t be happier to help that relationship grow and expand with… Read more »

Boberck Clothing

We had had the opportunity to capture photos for Boberck featuring their amazing waterproof leather jackets. These photos were captured for mailers and their website. Take a look at a few photos below and check out more of our work featured on their website:

SG3 Strategies

The Seattle Waterfront is completely getting revitalized. SG3 Strategies have a huge hand in that large project along with some other major infrastructure changes for the city of Seattle. We cannot go into to much detail here, but we can show you some of the photos we captured for the company. What did we do… Read more »

We recently have taken over content management duties at the source of Seattle entertainment and a great way to find stuff to do in the Seattle area. Website: What did we do here: ✓Helped revitalize the structure of ✓Approve and enter weekly events on the website ✓Manage the Do206 Facebook, Twitter and… Read more »

Seattle Nights Time-Lapse Video

I recently was approached by a client to create some time-lapse videos of Seattle and I went kind of overboard. I have always wanted to wander Seattle at night capturing time-lapse videos of certain buildings and streets and that is exactly what I did. I also captured 10 other time-lapse videos for the client that… Read more »

Through the Canopy

This film was my last summer project for DB Longboards. Pro longboarder Spencer Smith wanted to create a video that showcased longboarding along with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. This took two days of filming to get the right shots and it was very challenging to say the least. During the first day of… Read more »

Time-lapse videos

Do you want a fancy time-lapse for your video? Perhaps just something to post to social media? We have you covered. Not only do we have hours of stock time-lapse video footage, we also really enjoy going out and capturing new ones for specific purpose. Below are just a few of our recent time-lapse videos,… Read more »

CoreFlex Compound Video

This video took some work and DB Longboards wanted to feature the construction along with showing what was possible on the board. I think I was able to pull it off with the help of Devon Dotson. The company owner kept saying “it is a piece of art”, so I think they liked it.

Planet Seattle

I spent a few hours creating a polar panorama of Seattle and did some extra work on it adding in certain elements of the city at a larger size. I posted in on Instagram with a traditional “hey guys look at what I made!” and within a few hours had people requesting prints and to… Read more »